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around this time I really started to want to tap into something i had always been super obsessed with: 2D game graphical effects. rotating and scaling sprites, perspective-warped surfaces, lots of parallaxing, etc. what i do with sprites and graphics is very inspired by Symphony of the Night and Guardian Force. i'd say this is also when i fell in love with wanting to make a shmup-platformer hybrid (something i'm still pursuing to this day), having been inspired greatly by Genji Tsuushin Agedama. naturally, this prototype has a lot of both of those concepts going on. i was really eager to dig a little deeper into Clickteam Fusion yet.

only the first stage and boss of this are "complete", but even then, the player can't die yet, and neither can the boss, so it's not much of a game, per se. more just a collection of things i wanted to try to impress myself with. i had a total blast putting this together.

i've also uploaded the first test of the concept, which includes a completely different score system involving juggling enemies with your bullets. i wound up not being as into it as i thought i would be (i love juggling systems in shmups!), so that was axed.

some of the enemy movement and whatnot might act a little funny on slower machines.

last modified 2012.12.30

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HJSD | 2012.12.30 PROTOTYPE 6 MB
HJSD | [date unknown] FIRST TEST 2 MB
HJSD Source Code (Clickteam Fusion 2.5) 5 MB